Five photography advice every bride should read

Five photography advice every bride should read know. What to know before planning your wedding. Cinq conseils pour les futures mariées. Cinq conseils que tous les futurs mariés devraient lire. | Lisa-Marie Savard Photographie | Montréal, Québec |

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For many couples, planning their wedding is a hard and long process where (almost) everything is thought down to the last detail. Since you can never have enough help, here are five photography advice coming from a photographer’s perspective every bride should read for a picture-perfect wedding!


The light

It’s one neglected aspect, but it’s so important when documenting your big day! And for a good reason, the word photography literally means « painting with light ». Because of it’s importance, I will split this advice in three major points to consider.

1. Lack of light.
Whether it is with natural light, artificial light or a combination of both, it will play a major role in the aestheticism of your photos. Several indoor ceremony venues have difficult lighting conditions. Some churches can be very dark, which might require the use of an external flash to guarantee a better image quality. When used correctly, a flash can be bounced in an organic way that mimics several qualities of natural light. This will create sharp images with an almost imperceptible grain. However, certain wedding officiants forbid the use of flashes for various reasons. In this case, your photographer will need to adapt to the situation by using fast lenses and increasing the light sensitivity of their camera. This combination results in a different aesthetic, which creates softer images with a grain that can be seen with the naked eye.

Personally, I enjoy both types of imagery for the unique effects they produce, but not everyone agrees with me. Shop for your ceremony location like for every other aspect of your wedding. If you prefer light and airy images, pick a location with large windows and white/pale walls for a luminous look. However, if you prefer contrasted and moody images, you will be happier with a location that has woodwork and light fixtures. No matter what style you go for, choosing a location that offers the different conditions you prefer goes without saying, or you might be disappointed by the final result (which won’t be your photographer’s fault!)

Bride and groom walking out of church happy. Mariés sortent de l'église heureux | Lisa-Marie Savard Photographie | Montreal Quebec Saguenay
During this wedding, a huge thunderstorm was taking place outside, which made the cathedral much darker than during the rehearsal the night before. Furthermore, the flash couldn’t give me enough light due to the very high ceilings. To compensate, I adapted my style, which resulted in softer images with a perceptible grain.

2. Too much light.
In a similar manner, having too much light can also affect the photos. During summer months, the sun is very strong, especially in the middle of the day. Most photographers aim to do bridal party and creative couple portraits during the « Golden Hour », which is a short period during the evening that gives a soft golden light. In Quebec, from May to October, this moment happens around 17h30 and 19h30, right before sunset. The closer to the solstice your wedding date is (approximately June 21st), the more the Golden Hour will happen later in the evening. You can even calculate this time window no matter where you are in the world for every day of the year with the website Golden Hour Calculator.

Of course, not all weddings allow us to photograph these moments so late in the day. If this is your case, don’t worry! It’s still possible to get beautiful outdoor photos if you choose the location wisely. One simple, yet effective way to achieve this is to find a spot in open shade. This can be under trees, against a brick wall or under a balcony for instance. This way, you will be evenly lit and the light will be soft enough to avoid squinting. Make sure you talk about this with your photographer to select areas that can easily be used in various light and weather conditions.

If you want and if your schedule allows it, I highly suggest to brides and grooms to go outside for a little 15-20 minutes during the reception and snap a few more romantic photos of them before sunset. The different light colour will give a totally different feel to the images and you will greatly appreciate this variety later!

Wedding party photo family siblings bridesmaids groomsmen. Mariage champêtre Montréal Saguenay| Lisa-Marie Savard Photographie | Montreal Quebec Saguenay |
This photo was taken in the late afternoon. The light started becoming warmer, however it was still too strong to take full advantage of it. By placing the subjects in open shade with the sun behind them, we get the best of both worlds!

3. Coloured light

During the reception, several couples use a lighting set-up made entirely of coloured LEDs. Even though it looks nice, it doesn’t photograph as nicely. White LEDs are made of all the colours in the spectrum, while magenta, violet or green LEDs are only made of that single colour. Once photographed, your clothes, skin and hair will be tinted in one colour. This effect can’t be saved in post-production, no matter how much your photographer tries.

If you don’t want this to happen, the problem could be easily solved with your venue decorator. One way to do so is to direct a white light towards the important section of the room, like the table of honour and the dance floor, and keep the coloured light closer to the walls so they don’t affect the photos as much. This way, your reception will still keep its joyful atmosphere and the photos will nicely depict all the fun you had while partying.

Wedding reception fun dancing. Mariage Montréal Maison Lavande| Lisa-Marie Savard Photographie | Montreal Quebec Saguenay |
This reception venue had the best combination of artificial light: coloured LEDs were placed in strategical places and white LEDs in others. The room looks natural and was easy to photograph!


The location
We briefly talked about this earlier, but I believe it needs its own category. The location where you will take your photos, whether it is with your bridal party, family or your couple portraits, should be well thought and decided in advance.

You might have guessed it already, but I strongly favour outdoor places. I personally find that several indoor locations have too much visual distractions and often have difficult light conditions, which makes it hard to create beautiful photos in the limited time that is available to us. By working outside, we can have a more consistant environment that gives much more possibilities.

The site can be where you met for the first time, a wild flower field or even downtown for an urban look. If you’re at loss, don’t hesitate to discuss it with your photographer, she will definitely have suggestions for you! In any case, two important factors should be taken into consideration: the quietness of the area and the various possibilities it has to offer.

The location should be peaceful to help you be at ease. Some touristic areas seem to be the preferred places of many newlywed couples to do their photos, especially during weekends. I saw up to ten couples waiting in line to do their creative portraits because the place was too busy! This can definitely use a lot of your precious time, while adding an unnecessary stress factor to the list. Choosing a more private location reduces the chances of being bothered by outsiders, while leaving you with unique photos that won’t be like your neighbour’s ones.

Wedding bride and groom in front of large tree. Mariés devant un grand arbre photo de mariage | Lisa-Marie Savard Photographie | Montreal Quebec Saguenay
The location where we were supposed to take this couple’s portraits was absolutely overcrowded. I scouted a more peaceful area during the cocktail and found this lovely tree right by the reception venue parking lot. Can you believe we were surrounded by asphalt and cars the whole time?

To avoid having to drive a lot, your photo location should offer a diverse scenery. You wouldn’t to drive twenty minutes back and forth just for a few photos, then doing the same thing again somewhere else for a few more photos. The ideal location will offer various possibilities right at the same place. For instance, a private backyard that has flowers on one side, a little wooden area on the other and an access to the river. In case of rain, having somewhere to be protected like under a porch or a bandstand will help you quickly change your plans without having to find a Plan B at the very last minute. Even if everything is in the same backyard, you won’t get this impression from the photos.

Bride and groom photos autumn| Intimate wedding Montreal. Mariage intime Montréal Saguenay | Lisa-Marie Savard Photographie | Montreal Quebec Saguenay |
This couple’s photos were done in a private backyard that had a lot of potential. We had access to large trees, a garden, a wooden bridge and the river. This allowed us to fully take advantage of the limited time we had for their portraits!


Electronic disruption

With the overabundance of electronic devices nowadays, one of the biggest sources of disruption is definitely cellphones and tablets. Some guests forget to turn them off and receive phone calls right in the middle of the ceremony, others play games on them, while a few decide to become professional photographers for the day. Even though the first two cases are disrespectful to you, the last one can definitely harm your real photographer’s work. More and more guests stand up in the middle of the aisle or straight up get in front of the couple to take their own photos of the event. Not only does it block the photographer’s view and prevent her from doing her job, but she can also miss key moments. You can see several examples of how this disruption can badly affect your photos in this Huffinton post article. I personally missed the first kiss because a guest decided to push me to photograph it with their cellphone! If there is a moment you want to capture, it’s definitely this one!

One solution is to have an unplugged wedding. Just like the name says, the unplugged wedding bans the use of electronic devices during the celebration. Some people keep it for the ceremony only, while others establish it for the whole day. This guarantees that everyone will fully be there to witness your union from their eyes instead of the back of their device. The photographer you paid thousands of dollars to immortalize this beautiful day will thank you later, and so will you!

Unplugged wedding poster for guests. Affiche pour mariage débranché | Lisa-Marie Savard Photographie | Montreal Quebec Saguenay
A board is placed right next to the guests’ entrance at the ceremony and reminds them to turn off their electronic devices.

Furthermore, always in the electronic and Internet thematic, make sure everyone is on the same page about what you accept to be post on social media. I witnessed a person that published photos of the bride on social media while she was getting ready. The couple wanted to keep the surprise until she walked down the aisle. Of course, the groom saw the photo in his newsfeed before arriving at church and the surprise was spoiled… What should be a meaningless gesture can end up with heavy consequences for others!


I hope these five advice will help them with your wedding preparation!

If you have other tips to share, don’t hesitate to do it in the comments below 🙂


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