Five photography mistakes and how to avoid them

Five photography mistakes and how to avoid them. Five mistakes to avoid doing during your photo session photoshoot. Cinq erreurs photo à ne pas faire et les solutions pour y remédier. Cinq erreurs photo à ne pas faire durant sa séance photo | Lisa-Marie Savard Photographie | Montréal, Québec |

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Several people take advantage of the warmer days to do their engagement session, capture the last few weeks of their pregnancy or simply update their family album. To help you have a joyful experience, here are five mistakes to avoid doing during your photo session and how to easily solve them!


1. Wearing the wrong clothes

Wearing appropriate clothes for the current season goes without saying, however other important aspects might slip between the cracks.

Certain clothes, such as the ones with tiny stripes or with highly pigmented colours, don’t photograph well and create weird optical illusions in camera. It’s definitely a good idea to stay away from them! For that matter, sweaters with large logos or handwriting should be avoided since these elements can create a visual distraction when your body is in motion. Think about that « I love Canada » t-shirt that can end up sending an unwanted subliminal message! Rather choose clothes with solid or neutral colours that won’t go out of fashion in a few seasons.

Furthermore, carefully choose the shoes you will wear. They will most likely show in a few photos, it would be a bummer if they don’t match with the outfit you carefully picked. They can be classical to merge with the landscape or have a little je-ne-sais-quoi to fully complete your style. As long as they’re comfortable enough to be worn during a few hours!


2. Not looking like yourself

Similarly, the style of your clothes should be similar to what you wear in your every day life. Since a photo session aims to capture a unique moment of your life, the ideal outfit should equally mix casual and chic/stylish, while being in harmony with your lifestyle.

If you’re the sportive and casual type, playing with textures and layers can add personality to your everyday outfit. On the other hand, if the 9 to 5 look describes you the best, leave the business suit at home and keep a few buttons unbuttoned to be more comfortable. Wear clothes that reflect the way you are so you don’t have the impression to impersonate a person that isn’t yours.

You can find several sources of inspiration online on websites like Pinterest and Lookbook. If you’re at loss, don’t hesitate to ask for your photographer’s opinion! She will be able to help you find outfits that match the aesthetic of your session.


3. Choosing a location that doesn’t match your expectations

The location is important for a ton of reasons. Something that is often neglected is the expectation you have towards it. Each site has its benefits and disadvantages.

For several people, the photo session is often their first experience in front of the camera and it can be quite intimidating. Picking an intimate area that will limit the number of external intrusion is highly recommended to keep you at ease and get wonderful photos. Consequently, even if downtown is beautiful with its tall buildings, it might not be the best idea to do your photos there if you’re shy, especially on busy days.

Alongside, even if the countryside is the perfect place to revitalize yourself, it also comes with it’s downsides. Take in consideration that there might be strong manure smells ans several bugs and mosquitoes around your head for a big part of the photos. If this image doesn’t excite you, think about doing your session elsewhere to avoid bad surprises!


4. Always looking straight at the camera

Even though it seems like the obvious thing to do, always looking at the camera will quickly become redundant. Your photographer’s goal is to immortalize your relationship and complicity in order to leave you with unforgettable memories. Unfortunately, this cannot be captured if you don’t create this connection and only look straight into the lens.

Don’t hesitate to be yourself in front of the camera. A photo session should be enjoyable and fun! Interact with each other, laugh, smile, kiss, give tickles, look at each other in the eyes, whisper secrets, etc. In short, loosen up! Of course, no one will forbid you to look at the camera occasionally, but you will be a thousand times more satisfied with a variety of different photos to look at when you’re old and wrinkly.


5. Not wanting to be there

The worst thing to do at a photo session is definitely not wanting to be there and refusing to cooperate.

Sometimes, someone taking part of the session will let everyone know right at the beginning he/she would rather be somewhere else. When it’s a child it’s more easily forgivable, however, not really when it’s a grown up adult… Not only does it complicate your photographer’s job, but it also creates tensions with your loved ones. The experience will definitely be negative for everyone involved and will most likely never happen again because of that! Having your photo taken sounds useless to some people, but in the end it will leave you with wonderful memories that will stay with you for the rest of your life. If « suffering » during an hour is the price to pay to make your family happy, it’s definitely worth it and you’ll thank me later for that!


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