Seven often forgotten wedding details you should know about

Seven often forgotten wedding details you should know about. What not to forget when you plan your wedding. Sept détails souvent oubliés lors d'un mariage. Quoi ne pas oublier lorsque vous planifier votre mariage| Lisa-Marie Savard Photographie | Montréal, Québec |

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A wedding requires thinking about a thousand things. In the planning madness, it’s only natural to forget about a few elements! Here are seven often forgotten wedding details that will definitely help you bring your wedding day closer to perfection.


1. Have a bad weather « Plan B »
Everyone wishes to have the perfect weather at their wedding, but Mother Nature could have another idea in mind! Make sure you prepare your « Plan B » weeks in advance to not be caught off guard at the last minute. For outdoor weddings, a tent is often used for the reception when the temperature gets chilly, but it can also be a wonderful way to keep your ceremony outside in case of rain.

When the time will come to do the bridal party photos and creative couple portraits, having enough umbrellas for everyone is recommended. Unless if there is a severe thunderstorm going down, it will be possible to use them and go out for a few minutes to capture this beautiful moment with your loved ones. The best umbrellas are the ones made of clear PVC since it allows light to pass through to enlighten your face.

2. Mr. Right’s hands
The bride is generally the one who gets pampered from head to toes on the wedding day, the groom however is often more laid back about it, especially when it comes to his hands! If his hands tend to be chapped, or if his nails are yellowed or broken, taking an appointment with a beautician a few days before the wedding is highly recommended. Since your hands will be in several photos, and sometimes in close-up, a manicure will rejuvenate them!

3. Variable-tint lenses
If you or someone in the bridal party wears variable-tint lenses (often called light-adaptative or transition lenses), it is preferable to wear regular lenses or even contact lenses during this day. Since they react to UV light to become almost opaque, it would be a bummer to not see your beautiful eyes on the photos.

4. Children activities
When children are part of the party, don’t forget to entertain them throughout the evening. Depending on their age, games and jokes intended for adults will most likely bore them. You can give them surprise bags and plan team games to keep them happy, which will also please their parents!

5. Food allergies
In Quebec, approximately 300 000 people have at least one food allergy, which is about 4% of the province’s population. From this number, a little bit less than 1% is at risk to develop a severe allergic reaction, even mortal if not treated quickly. Since the average number of wedding guests is 129, you most likely aren’t aware of each one of their medical status. Including an allergy question on the wedding invite is a good way to know if you need to avoid any potentially dangerous ingredient. If you want to push this further, you can also exclude from your menu the 10 most common allergens, which are responsible of 90% of allergic reactions in Canada.

6. Wedding vendors’ meals
The wedding vendors who make this day possible spend a big part of the day running around and will most likely stay up until the wee hours of the night. When a meal is served, don’t forget to include them in the total number of plates so they can sit down and refresh themselves with everyone else! In order to be fully functional, they need to eat well and drink enough water like everyone else, otherwise they might pass out before the end of their mandate…

7. Communication
The last, but not the least: communication! Due to various factors, this last point is often neglected during weddings. Make sure everyone in the bridal party and/or family knows where and when their presence will be needed. Whether it is for the getting ready, the ceremony, the photos, the cocktail or the reception, each one of them has a vital role and should stick to it. You can even give them a paper schedule they can keep in their pocket and check in case of doubt. By making sure everyone is on the same page, you will save a lot of time and unnecessary stress!


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