Five things to know before your newborn session

Five things to know before your newborn session. What to know before booking your newborn session. How to prepare for your newborn session. Cinq choses à savoir avant sa séance photo nouveau-né en studio. Quoi savoir avant de réserver sa séance nouveau-né. | Lisa-Marie Savard Photographie | Montréal, Québec |

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After several months of waiting, a little human being will soon be welcomed in your family! To immortalise this turning point, you consider gifting yourself a newborn session, but don’t know where to start with your research? Luck is on your side, this article was written for you! Here are five piece of advice in order to make the booking process and your newborn session much easier 🙂


1. Don’t wait until the last minute to book
Since the period to do this type of session is very short, it is essential to book while you’re still pregnant. Once the baby is already a few days old, it will be too late to do so. As a general rule of thumb, you should book by the 30th-32nd week of pregnancy to guarantee your photographer’s availability. However, do your research ahead of time. Several photographers are fully booked months in advance while some others only take a certain number of babies per month. It’s better to book sooner rather than later!

2. A newborn grows VERY quickly!
For most people, babies are considered newborns during the first few months of their life. However, in the photography world, this period is much shorter! Actually, an in-studio newborn session should be done in the 15 days following birth, ideally around 10 days to avoid the biggest growth spurs. The reason is very simple: they grow and change so quickly! Consequently, they become more alert and a little bit less flexible every day, which makes posing your little one harder after this time window. They will stay this small only for a couple of weeks, capturing their first days on Earth will leave you with unforgettable memories. Once the baby is older than a month, it’s obviously still possible to photograph them, but an in-home lifestyle session will be preferred.

3. All babies are different
In great honesty, babies who sleep throughout the whole session, who never cry and enjoy every single poses we try are pretty rare! They can be light sleepers, shout their head’s off or dislike being posed. It’s completely normal, they’re still so young. Some sweeties loooove being wrapped, some others hate being on their tummy, a few will be too awake to try complex poses, the list goes on! In a similar manner, various health conditions can limit the poses we can do, which is often the case with frank breech babies for instance. In every cases, we will always respect your little one’s limits and never force him/her to do something that isn’t enjoyable.

4. Small accidents happen
Pee, poop and spit up are expected with newborn sessions. If they happen, it’s not the end of the world. Every photographer keeps a great number of tissues and burp cloth nearby for these accidents. If the blankets, hats or pants get soiled, it’s also fine, everything will end up in the washing machine at the end of the session anyway! Alongside, since your baby will be more stimulated than usual, he/she could ask to be fed and changed more frequently. Make sure you bring enough diapers and formula, as well as a change of clothes for yourself to stay comfortable if an accident were to happen on you.

5. Take advantage of the session to relax
The last few days probably were very tiring! Your photographer has a lot of experience with newborns (especially if it’s your first child) and you can fully trust her to manipulate your little one with care and sensitivity during the session. Of course, you will be in charge of the feedings and diaper changes when needed, but if your assistance isn’t necessary, it’s the perfect moment to unwind. Sit down, relax and watch you little one being pampered! You can also watch TV, read magazines, knit or nap, it’s up to you. Your little sweetheart can sense your emotions, so the more relaxed you are, the better he/she will feel. It’s a win-win situation for everyone!


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