Five tips to nail your family photos

Five tips to nail your family photos family session. Advice to have a great family photo session. How to photograph children. Cinq conseil pour réussir votre séance photo familiale photos de famille. Conseils pour avoir une bonne séance photo. Comment photographier des enfants | Lisa-Marie Savard Photographie | Montréal, Québec

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Taking photos with young children can be a huge challenge! However, it’s possible to do it! Continue your reading to discover five tips to nail your family photos and have wonderful memories with your children.

Do some mental preparation
One good way to stack all the odds in your favour is to prepare your child mentally. Talking positively about the photo session a few days in advance, explaining what you will do in front of the camera and crossing the days on the calendar are all good ways to demonstration how exciting it will be. You can even practice your best poses together! Of course, it might not stop some little ones to be shy, but at least they won’t be scared of the camera or the photographer.

Don’t have expectations
Let’s be honest, photo sessions with young children rarely go as planned. Yet, this does not mean they are completely ruined! Your kid wants to run everywhere? Ask him to run towards you so we can capture candid and natural portraits of you together. He prefers to hide behind the tree instead? That’s fine, we’ll play with hide and seek with him and get photos showing his real personality. Let’s hope for the best, prepare for the worst and be ready for the unexpected!

Bring something to keep them interested
Children aged five and under have a short attention span, so being photographed during a whole hour might quickly become redundant for them! Bringing something to stimulate them and to keep them interested is a very good idea. For instance, a toy that makes noise or music is excellent for babies, while a more complex activity like a picnic works very will with older children. You can even let them choose what they prefer so they feel more invested in the photo session!

Don’t be afraid to look silly
Despite everything, sometimes children can stay very unmoved during a session. It’s the perfect moment to use our secret techniques: tickle battle, singing competition, practising our best funny faces, etc. If all of this fail, I will bring out the big guns: fart jokes!

Yes, yes, I know, it’s silly and borderline embarrassing to say out loud « Smelly fart » or « Big hairy butt » (especially in a public space!), but they work! Actually, they’re effective almost every single time and allow us to have wonderful natural photos with a GENUINE smile. Plus, they quickly put everyone in a good mood. If for one reason or the other you aren’t comfortable with that, you can always suggest funny words or sentences that make your children laugh and I will be happy to use them.

Have fun
This goes without saying, but being in a good mood is absolutely essential to have a joyful photo session. If you’re having a bad day and would rather be somewhere else, there are some good chances your kid will act the same! Your patience and tolerance towards him won’t be the same, which isn’t ideal either. Take advantage of the session to empty your mind and fully enjoy this quality moment with your family. Plus, I’m sure you will go back home more light-hearted! It’s a win-win situation for everyone!


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