Five tips to nail your maternity photos

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You recently found out you’re expecting a little one? Congratulations! With all the changes coming into your life, you probably have a lot of things to think about! One thing to not forget is to immortalize your pregnancy. In order to help you, here are five tips to nail your maternity photos.

Pick a photographer whose work inspires you

It might be obvious, but some people seem to skip this essential step. Do researches in order to find photographers whose work inspires you and that correspond to your needs. Take some time to look at their website to have a better idea of what your photos will look like. If you prefer photos done in a studio with backdrops, focus on photographers that already offer this type of images. On the contrary, if you prefer natural photos done outdoors or in the comfort of your home, you will find what you’re looking for with a lifestyle photographer. There is a photographer for everyone, you simple have to find her!

Don’t wait until the last minute!

A maternity session should be done between the 30th and 35th week of pregnancy. It can sometimes take place a bit earlier for difficult or multiple pregnancies. Therefore, you should book it during your second trimestre (ideally between 20 and 28 weeks) to guarantee your photographer’s availability. Since a pregnancy is considered at term at 36 weeks, it isn’t advice to do your photos after this moment. First, your baby could show up earlier than expected and you would end up with no maternity photo at all. Second, you will most likely be more tired, do water retention and feel less comfortable with your body. It’s never too early to book, but it’s often too late!

Think about the shooting location

Another aspect to keep in mind is the shooting location. It can be done inside your house to include the nursery, at the trendy cafe you had your first date at or at a blooming orchard to take advantage of the stunning landscape. You have an abundance of choices! However, the most important is to feel comfortable in this environment because each one comes with its pros and cons.

If your pregnancy was difficult and cleaning up your house isn’t your priority right now, that’s fine! We can simply take your photos at an outdoor location instead. On the contrary, if you’re a shy person and don’t enjoy being the centre of attention, doing your photos in the middle of a crowded public space is probably not the best idea! You might be more interested by an in-home lifestyle session where you can be in full control. Similarly, if you aren’t a fan of mosquitoes and the smell of manure, a session in the countryside is probably not for you! Think about doing it in an urban park or even in the Old Montreal, you shouldn’t encounter these issues there.

Be proud of yourself

The last few months might not have been easy for your self-esteem. Take advantage of this maternity session to pamper yourself and boost your confidence! Try a new hairdo, revamp your make up and wear clothes that make you happy. The best is to wear a comfortable outfit that shows off your beautiful bump, but that still allows you to move freely and sit down easily. Plus, you can bring two different outfits, one casual and one chic, and change in the middle of the session to have photos with a new style. If you feel good, you will be much more relaxed and it will instantly show on your images!

Dress the whole family

If you won’t be the only one at the maternity session, think about how the other members of your family will be dressed. Picking your own outfit is one thing, but doing it for other people can be very tricky!

The best advice I can give you is to create a moodboard. Collect various examples of what you like and analyze your preferences. One easy way is to pick a colour scheme using two or three colours and including them in all your outfits. This has much more impact than all wearing the exact same colour! Also, don’t hesitate to accessorize your outfit to complete your look. For instance, adding a jacket for your partner, a cute bow tie for your little boy, bright sequin shoes for your little girl and statement jewellery for yourself. This will bring your look to a whole new level and wow everyone! Still short on ideas? Don’t worry, I got you covered! Here’s an inspiration board just for you 😉


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