Three things brides regretted not doing

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After photographing weddings for the past six years, several newlywed couples ended up in front of my camera. One sentence I heard more than once was « Knowing what I know now, I would have done things differently! » Since we generally only get married once, it isn’t possible to learn from our mistakes and start over. With this in mind, I surveyed those around me to see what they would have changed about their wedding. Here are the three things brides regretted not doing!


Not asking for help
Planning a wedding takes a lot of time, sometimes more than you initially expected. Not only do you have to pick the date, venue and various vendors, but also a bunch of smaller details that quickly add up, such as the bridal party attire and the seating chart. After compiling the answers to the survey, not asking for (enough) help was the most popular answer!

Don’t be afraid to seek additional helpers, even if you need to overcome your ego. The best is to ask for help for tasks that can be accomplished in one day and that won’t require additional follow-ups. Your loved ones will only spend a few hours on it and it will lift a weight off your shoulders. Did you decide to DIY your invites, centrepieces or party favours? Why don’t you plan a crafting party to make the job easier and quicker? With nice music and comfort food, you’ll get to spend quality time with your friends and check off another element from the to-do list!

Also, don’t hesitate to get tips from a wedding planner. They offer various ways to help you, whether it is with a single consultation to put you on the right tracks or by taking care of the whole planning process. Of course, the second option might not be in your budget! However, a few consultations in the months leading to your wedding can be a good investment.


Not leaving Pinterest aside
The second regret is the influence of Pinterest. I always say Pinterest is a wonderful tool to find inspiration! Like everyone, I use it regularly and find good ideas on it. On the other hand, you have to keep in mind the photos found on this website are unrealistic.

There is nothing wrong with getting inspired by them and adjusting them to suit your needs. However, we simply can’t recreate them. The season, the weather and the time of the day will have a huge influence on the aesthetic on your photos and no one has control over this. There is little chance that all the right elements will be reunited to create the exact same look. Once your wedding day is getting closer, leave this website aside and trust your vendors instead.

Besides, don’t forget that several images found on Pinterest are from fake weddings! It’s common in the wedding industry do styled shoots, whether it is to be published in a magazine, to refresh one’s portfolio or simply for fun. The vendors hire models to be the couple and everyone take this opportunity to showcases their best products. The final result is stunning, but that’s normal: they have no time or budget constraint, they can retake the photos if necessary and the couple isn’t stressed (plus they’re already used to be in front of the camera)! Have you seen photos of zen brides sitting on their bed, with their hair and make up already finished? That’s most likely because they were taken during one of these creative sessions 😉


Not putting the emphasis on what really matters
The last remorse, but not the least, is not putting the emphasis on what really matters. There are so many things to choose from when planning a wedding, it’s only normal to end up spending more money than expected! At the end of the day, the most important thing is to celebrate your union with your loved ones and to keep memories of it, both emotionally and physically. In my humble opinion, having photographs of your big day is definitely an investment you won’t regret. Some might say I look for my own interests, but in great honesty, it’s the only way you can relive your celebration. You’ll get to look at your photos with pride in a few years, maybe even with your kids and grand-kids one day!

Guests won’t mind if your invites were printed in the wrong shade of pink or if there were last minute changes to your schedule. However, they will remember all the fun they had while celebrating this important milestone with you. As long as all these elements are present and that everyone is having fun, the rest is only a bonus.


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